MadCollabs uses location services to connect you with real people that are looking to collaborate


Collaborate with vetted members that are ranked based on their social media profiles, follower engagement, and/or quality of their portfolios and content


Private message members to get the ideas flowing by sharing interests and media, and meet up to create content that is sure to engage


See member profiles as well as ads for gigs and casting calls around you or in other cities and filter based all on selected interests and content styles

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MadCollabs App

Whether you are an influencer looking to engage more with your followers, a small business looking to grow your brand, or global company looking to market a new product, MadCollabs will help you find the perfect partner for your next project and digital creation.

  • Free service to connect content creators, influencers, and small businesses
  • Premium services such as ad removal, mass messaging, and job/gig advertising, for a low monthly fee
  • Premium corporate accounts to connect creators and brands for promotional campaigns

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